Thursday, December 30, 2010

Cookie Swap

The Tuesday before Christmas I hosted a cookie swap at my house. This was my eighth year to host one. There were several things that did not get done this year due to returning to work( Christmas cards were one of those things. Sorry!) but I was determined to have my swap. I wanted to have it earlier in the month but there was not enough time to get my house ready so I waited until school was out.

A picture of all the cookies before we got our hands on them.

We enjoyed food, games and COOKIES!

After everyone left, I took all the cookies out of their bag and placed them on a cookie plate.

This is what they looked like before I took a bite out of each kind. My favorite part! Occasionally, I have to slap a few hands that try to get in my way. Once I am over my uncontrollable selfishness, I let the rest of the family try them.
These are what I made this year. They are very delicious!

Caramel Chip Bars

I know! I am very lazy! If you cannot read the directions and would like the recipe I will gladly type it out for you. WARNING!  These can be very addictive!

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