Sunday, December 19, 2010

Christmas party at the Elberta Nursing Home

Each year our church has a Christmas party for a local nursing home. Each member is able to choose a name from the nursing home and buy a few items they have on their list. The night of the party we bring cookies, punch, the presents and sing. Santa comes to visit the elderly and of course, he can't forget the children.

Daddy was out of town this week so he is not pictured.

The kids were able to pass out the gifts to the men and women. I think I should have explained to Ella what she may see. She was a little scared. She has been to a nursing home before but it was to see someone she knew. I think she was a little overwhelmed because they were all together.

Laney passed out her present to a sweet lady who thought  Ella and her were her grandchildren. She kept calling Laney "Cindy" and Ella "Bailey".  Both girls smiled with confusing looks on their faces. At one point, Laney was helping the lady open her presents. I think the lady thought Laney was going to take off with her tissue paper. She kept telling Laney to put her tissue paper back in the bag.

This was Laney and Ella waiting to get the presents from Santa.

This was the Lady Laney gave her gift too.

The lady wanted to give Ella a hug but as you can see Ella was not going to get that close. 

When we showed up for the party, one of the girl's friend  had on the same shirt they did.

Griffin and a couple of his buddies.

Visiting the nursing home is definitely something that we need to do year round. All of the elderly were very grateful  for their gifts but I think they enjoyed the company more!

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