Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Our Christmas Eve

On Christmas Eve, we went to church and then to my sister and brother in law's house to eat and exchange presents. 

Ella was so excited about her chair. I was excited that it folds up. This child has little room left in her bedroom.

For Griffin and Laney, it was a coffee fix for them.

Griffin - coffee maker for the dorm

Laney - Starbucks cup with a gift card

For the boys, we got them matching Florida sweatshirts. (Update: Since then I have found out they love the sweatshirts just not on the same day as the other.)

After an enjoyable evening, we headed back home to get ready for Santa. We did our usual routine of reading Twas the Night Before Christmas, throwing out reindeer food and getting Santa's snack ready. Unlike the 2 boys mentioned before, my daughter has created a new tradition of matching pjs with her mom. Maybe next year, we will add the rest of the family to this new tradition.

Just so you know that is carrot sticks not cheese. Ella felt Santa needed something sweet and healthy.

Here is our tree on Christmas Eve before Santa came. We had to shrink our tree this year due to being in an apartment.

See the very top of the tree. This was my new purchase this year. I got it at a festival and love it! Hopefully next year, I will add back my bow as well. I was not looking through 100 boxes to find it!

That was our Chistmas Eve! Next up…….Christmas Day!

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