Monday, January 12, 2015

Changing up from my normal freezer cooking

The next few months are going to be very hectic around here for me. I will be trying to stay on track with the girl's schooling during the day, attending my classes 3 nights a week and training for 2 half marathons. Oh yeah…..I forgot to mention we will be moving for the fourth time in the past year and a half. So anything that will make my life a little easier right now is a huge plus!!!!! I figured freezer meals would definitely help for those days I have to be in class by 5:00. 

I have done freezer meals a couple of different ways in the past. Sometimes I cook everything all in one day and have a months worth of meals ready to go in the freezer. The problem with this is I am usually really tired by the end and have a backache. The other way is to cook different recipes for a couple of weeks doubling or maybe tripling the recipe in order to have meals for the freezer. I decided to try something new this time around. I assembled several bags of meals that would be crockpot ready. Since this is the first time I have tried several of these recipes, I only made a single recipe for most of them. If  they are good, I will definitely be doubling next time! This was by far the easiest preparation for freezer meals. I placed the meat in a ziploc bag, mixed the other ingredients in a bowl and poured them into the bag. That was basically it!!!! Here is what I made….

Chicken Fajitas

Hawaiian Chicken

Teriyaki Chicken

Cilantro Lime Chicken

These are a lot like the Southwest Chicken Wraps I make and love so I doubled this one!

Pepper Steak

I got all but one of the recipes from here. The pepper steak recipe was found here.

I have a ham and a turkey in the freezer so I will get more meals from those later. 

Since I had some homemade bread that needed to be used up, I made these for a quick breakfast. They were yummy! I got the recipe from 101 Days of Real Food.

I can't forget something sweet……

I whipped up a batch of homemade vanilla ice cream with my new ice cream maker I got for Christmas. I love this thing!!!!!! It is so easy and the ice cream is done in about 25 minutes. Sadly, the ice cream didn't last long enough to be considered an addition to the other freezer items.

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