Thursday, January 8, 2015

Christmas Morning

Santa was good to us again this year!!!!!! 
Since I have SEVERAL pictures, I think I will try to keep my words to a minimum!!!

Let the unwrapping begin

We will start with Ella……..

Can you tell she was happy about receiving a Kindle? Folks…….she cried!!!!

Laney received the one thing she has been asking for the past 3 years.

We have not seen her since……only dings from afar! JK!!! After the family got a hold of her number, her phone was burning up with one word text messages! 

My college child received what he needed the most.

He is taking a couple of online classes next semester. Can't do that without a computer.

His dad got him something else he needed real bad…..

A new/used speedometer for his car. Now he will know how fast he is going. 

A few other photos

All the kids try to get my big blanket to cuddle up with so Santa got them their own this year!

Are you noticing a pattern with Carmel's gifts? You can never go wrong with USC stuff for him. What do you do with all that stuff? He gets a USC room in the new house.

One of his gifts was left in SC at his parents so we had to show him a picture instead. It was a canvas of his 3 favorite USC players.

Every year we take a picture of each child and their gifts. You will notice in the pictures below how each child  has their favorite gift front and center!!!!!

I had a hard time trying to figure out which one of my toys was front and center!!!

 Since we are building a house, I figured that was good enough for me.  Since Carmel and the kids kept asking what I wanted, I finally jotted down a few options so they would have choices. Leave it to my husband to spoil me and get everything on my list. He always researches and gets the best thats out there. Let me share with you my list and what he ended up getting.

             My list                             What he interpreted/got

101 Days of Real Food book    - 101 Days of Real Food

Cuisinart ice cream maker    -      Cuisinart  maker w/ the extra insert
A cast iron skillet                 -      5 piece cast iron set

A food processor                  -     Breville food processor

This next one has a humorous story to go with it which I must tell before I forget it! You know I am 40 now ;)

Scarves     -He researches and finds the best scarf out there... for $500. Knowing  good and well I would never spend that much he decided to call a friend of mine. Thankfully, she told him where to find them a lot less expensive!!

This experience has taught me:

1. Only put 1 maybe 2 items on the list for next year.
2. Make those 2 items a diamond and a beach house!!!!!

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