Saturday, January 10, 2015

Exposure 2014

2 days after Christmas, we left for Atlanta for Exposure. If you are not familiar with Exposure, it is a huge youth rally with over 1700 kids. We went as chaperones this year. Carmel and Griffin have been several times but for the rest of our family it was a first. We stayed at the Marriot where part of Hunger Games was filmed and this particular weekend home for the TCU football team. They were getting ready for the Chickfila Peach Bowl with Ole Miss. Some of them were even spotted joining our worship times and classes. 

Ella and I had some time on our hands the second day we were there so we explored a little bit within the hotel. This is the same hotel we go to for the L2L convention but it's never decorated for Christmas. 

47th floor

I did not get very many pictures mainly because our family was scattered most of the time. 

Laney with her team

Griffin with his club

Here is a picture from the last night of everyone singing on the Atrium level. You can hear it several floors up. We even had a few to sneak away from the bar to see what was going on.

The final picture I took from FB. It is of everyone who attended. I was talking to someone when I heard "take a seat." I thought it was an announcement so I took front row. I soon found out that it was for the group picture. If you zoom in you will see Ella and I on front row to your right.

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