Monday, January 26, 2015

Jamming with the girls

Yesterday, we finished up our last Keepers class for L2L. I taught the girls(and a few moms) a lesson on food preservation. Since we were going to be giving the final product to some ladies at a Valentine's Special Brunch, I chose strawberry jam. I began by explaining what and why we can, the utensils used to make it easier and tips I learned along the way. After the mini lesson, we began the hands on stuff. The girls washed, cut and mashed the strawberries.

The next step was cooking the strawberry, pectin and sugar mixture.

I forgot to take a picture of the girls filling the jars but did get one after they were in the pot.

Once they were finished and placed on the counter to cool, we started hearing the popping sound. We were delighted as we heard each pop because it was the feeling of accomplishment! We still have to add a few accessories like a tag and some ribbon but here are our finished products……all 28 jars!

The best part of cooking is sampling!
 My mom brought biscuits and we smothered them in strawberry jam. 
I heard a lot of "mmmmmmm" coming from the kids and adults!

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