Monday, July 29, 2013


While we were in Montgomery, we had an End of Summer Bash/Laney's birthday at Pump It Up. If you are not familiar with Pump It Up, it is a room filled with big blow ups. Loads of entertainment for any age(yes I am including myself)!  My dad had a certificate for a party. It started out as a birthday party for niece that turned into a party for Laney that turned into a end of summer bash/play date. The girls invited friends to join them for a few hours of fun.

Do you remember when I told you it was for all ages????

That's me and my sliding posse.

I was racing Laney on the obstacle blow up.

uh umm......

Notice who is in front!!!!!

This momma doesn't just let her children win so they feel good about themselves!

They have to earn it!

If you want to workout....sweat....and have fun all at the same time spend a day here with children!

This was a picture of the group.

After playing in the blow up room, we were moved to another room for pizza, drink and cake.

Since it was the day before Laney's birthday, she sat in the party chair with a special blow up crown.

Laney wanted to make her own cake for the event.

It was made up of 2 chocolate and one vanilla.

On top of the cake it read, "Summer Bash and Happy Birthday Laney"

Griffin even made it for the very end!

It was a fun day filled with wonderful memories!

Thanks dad for making it happen!

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