Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I am lovin all the fresh fruits and veggies!

We are so blessed to have access to so many wonderful fruits and veggies.

We have a friend who has a huge garden. Carmel and the girls went a few times to help him out with weeding and picking. They came home with tons of produce! I quickly had to look up some new recipes to try.

I found this recipe for Fresh Green Beans. I did not have any bacon grease so I just used a little olive oil. I am not sure what I did wrong but my chicken broth did not evaporate like hers did. They were still yummy but hers look better.

Carmel brought home more zucchini and squash than any other vegetable. 

For the squash, I either sprinkled it with seasoning and baked it or sauteed it. 

Squash straight from the garden taste so much better than store bought!

I had better luck with finding new recipes for the zucchini.

I made zucchini bread
This recipe was really good. Especially, straight out of the oven! 

I also made Frosted Zucchini Brownies. These were delicious! Of course....you could probably cover any vegetable with chocolate and call it yummy.

We have also picked some local fresh fruit. 
Blackberries which I will post about later and blueberries.

So far, I have picked 2 buckets already this season but I see many more in my near future(like tomorrow morning)! I go to a local park to pick these because they are FREE! I load up the kids(and sometimes their friends too!)  :) We pick as many as we can.....or until I have had enough of the complaining. :(   It does get really hot out there!

I have frozen and shared many of these blueberries but I also see several recipes to try. Check back later to see my favorites!

I can't wait to finally have some land so we can grow our own food!

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