Monday, July 1, 2013

Chickfila Daddy Daughter Date Night

 Chickfila hosted a Daddy Daughter Date Night. The girls wanted to go last year but couldn't due to prior plans. They were so excited about going this year. I took this shot before they left.

The girls picked their own outfit. They curled their hair and was allowed to wear a little makeup just for the night.

Since I was not there, I think I will let Laney explain how the night went.

Hey  this is Laney. This is the whole story of the daddy daughter date night. We got dressed and my mom finally let us wear makeup! After that, we were in a rush to get there. It was a disaster! My mother wanted to take a bunch of pictures but on the other hand my  dad wanted to leave . We were in the car and on our way.  My dad asked us a lot of questions. When we finally got there, this kind lady welcomed us. She gave me and Ella a rose then she greeted us to our table. It was decorated with a candle and a tablecloth. A waiter came and took our order. All of the waitresses had these pretty dresses on.  Our food came and we ate. We got our dessert and they even had a picture booth.  We took some pretty crazy pictures.  We went outside and  stood in line too ride the limo!!! I had to remind my dad that mom would want some pictures of us. If I  hadn't done that, we would not have had any pictures. Ok.... maybe like two . Then it was time to go home. That's my story..... bye !

Nothing like hearing a story through a child. I keep telling her (one of these days) she WILL appreciate me remembering to take pictures of all these memories!

Now for the pictures from their special night.


Daddy did a great job taking pictures!

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