Monday, July 8, 2013

Parker Reunion

Last weekend my moms side of the family got together for our 10th year reunion. I can't believe my grandmother has been enjoying her time in heaven for that long. She was one special lady! I could tell you about her but I would be here for a week and that wouldn't even scrape the surface. 

My cousin has planned a 10 year cruise for September. I am sooooo excited! All 5 of us are going! Unfortunately not all(110??) of the Parker clan can make it. For those that are not able to go, we had a day reunion. We laughed...ate.... laughed... talked.... laughed....etc! Let's not forget pictures. Here are a few of our family.

We had several cameras taking our picture at the same time. I did not have a single picture where we were are all looking at the same camera.

After pictures, the kids could finally swim.

There was a slide that sat on top of a deck connected to the pool. It seemed so high off the ground. My niece did not have any problems going down it!

It was great to be with family again!
If you are reading this and did not make were missed!

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