Friday, July 26, 2013

2 weeks in Montgomery = 2 weeks of fun!

We spent a couple of weeks in Montgomery visiting with family, friends and helping with the reading camp I posted about yesterday. We couldn't just sit at the house and do nothing so I thought I would share all the fun we had!

We saw Despicable Me 2 with family. It was such a great movie! 
I thought it was better then the first one!

We went swimming at my aunt's house.....twice!

We drove/rode the ATV!

Shelled some peas! The kids didn't think this was fun. Probably because its hard to shell peas and play on a little black the same time. I enjoyed it!

Carmel and I managed to get away for a night to celebrate our anniversary.

Playing card games is a must!

We were trying to show Laney how to count her points for Phase 10. She got frustrated(math is not her strongest) and quotes......

"Pop, I don't have to do's summer!"

I can see that quote flying well with the future boss!

We did do a few other things while we were there but I will have to save them for another post........too many pictures and not enough time!

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