Saturday, July 20, 2013

All the mothers out there(and fathers too).....this would be a good post to let your daughters read!

Well.....we are finally back from our extended trip over in Al. All I have to say is bed!

Before I share all the activities from our trip, I thought I would share an idea for your daughters that would highly benefit you!

A daddy/mommy manicure and pedicure special!

The other day(on our anniversary) our daughters came in the kitchen to tell us to close our eyes. They had a special anniversary surprise for us. They led us.... with minimal bumps into the our room. 

Awaiting us was a manicure and pedicure treatment.

We laid on the bed and were given a magazine to look at while the suds ball dissolved.

We slipped our feet into a nice COLD bowl of water. 

Once our feet were numb and pruney done, they were dried, rubbed with lotion and given a coat of sparkle polish. Okay.....maybe I was the only one that got a coat of polish. Dad would not agree to sparkle. I think he felt he was loosing stud points just by going along with this gift to us. To his was a special moment!

After the feet, it was time for the manicure.

By the way.......we did request the water be changed after our feet and before our hands!

Check out the concerned look on daddy's face as his daughter is filing the nail down to the skin.

The final product......sparkle and all!

All the daughters that are reading this right now......
do this for your parents!  

They will love it! It doesn't have to be a special occasion. 

They will love it anytime....every time.....all the time!

Sometimes parents don't have time to go pay for special things like this because we are very busy...

feeding you
clothing you
cleaning up after you
driving you around

So go make a special memory with your parents( yes that means your dad too!)!

I know ours was special!
Thank you Laney and Ella for a wonderful memory!

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