Thursday, October 13, 2011

Yeehaw Everybody!

I was talking to my mom on the phone  discussing the details of Griffin's Surprise 16th Birthday Party. She asks, " Have you thought of  a theme?"  Now I am  a big theme girl when it comes to parties. Usually, I have a theme before I have anything else in mind. When I grow up(hehe), my dream(in my perfect little world) would be to be a party planner! For this particular party that was not the case. I guess since it was going to be out of town, I wasn't quite sure what I could pull off. I was thinking more along the lines of throwing things together,  hoping it falls into place and he is surprised.  My mom is like me( or should I say it is the other way around!). She was not going to let this party go without a theme. She suggested the "Country Theme". I giggled and told her to have fun with it. I knew I would be lucky  just pulling  off the guest list, arrangements, food and entertainment!

Boy did she do a good job!

She had hats, bandanas, hay bails and even a place for a photo opportunity.

 A few of Griffin's friends from Pratville.

We even arranged for Carmel to bring a couple of Griffin's friends from home to the party.

Finally, I was able to grab our family to get a picture!

Can you tell who the cowgirl is in our family?

Or should I say the "Most Wanted" girl in the South?

Next up.......see what grub this cowgirl and all the other guest chowed down on.

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