Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Field Trip to The Rock Ranch

In The Rock, Georgia  Chickfila owns a place called The Rock Ranch. If you are ever in that area or close to it, I highly recommend going. We went for the pilgrim days.

We were able to revisit the past and learn a little about the Indians, Pilgrims, Abraham Lincoln, etc.

They have several different types of animals you can visit and feed.

The last time we went they were in the process of building a Tiny Town. I was so glad to have the opportunity to revisit and actually see this child size town. 
It would be every child's dream to have a tiny town in his/her own back yard. Shoot!  It would be my dream to have one of these in my own back yard.........and I don't mean for my kids! I was thoroughly impressed with it. The detail that went into making each building was incredible! Everything you could imagine seeing in a town was added.

They had a jail.

And look who I found locked up!

They had an ice cream shop.

A dress shop

A church. 
Lets hope she spends most of her time here rather than jail!

There was a boarding house, theater, bank, fire house, train station, daycare, and school.

 After I finally dragged the kids out of Tiny Town, we went to the underground slide and the big pillow.

There are many activities that are only open on the weekend. 

Who knows.... maybe we can find the time to go back!

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