Wednesday, October 5, 2011

AU vs USC game

This past Saturday was the big game for us here in this house. Auburn Tigers vs South Carolina Gamecocks. This post will not be about the outcome of the game( I try to avoid conflict) but the fun we all had before the game.

The game this year was held in South Carolina.  My hubby, son and I , my parents, my 2 sisters and their families all decided to get tickets and go to the game.

A group shot before heading to the game. My other sister met us there. As you can see 2 people are out numbered in the top picture.
But in the picture below I am out numbered.

To me the best part of the football game is not the actual game itself, it is the hours prior to the game........ tailgating!

Just a friendly game of family football.

A few moments before it was time to put the game face on.

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