Friday, October 14, 2011

Come and get it!

For the party, I decided on hot dogs. Why this? Well, when you can get them for 25 to 50 cents a pack, it really helps to keep the costs down. Especially, when you are trying to feed 100+ people. Plus, it fit really well with the theme. We also had chili, baked beans with sausage, potato salad and chips.
My dad was in charge of the hot dogs. Why use an ordinary grill when you can whip up something like this.

Cooking them  this way was torture for a particular male in our family.

Don't feel too bad for him! I think he was treated to a few that made there way to the ground.

Instead of having a traditional cake for dessert, we decided to stick to the theme. We decided to serve a few of Griffin's favorite cakes but do it cupcake style. We chose red velvet with cream cheese frosting topped with  pecans, yellow cake with caramel frosting topped with a caramel and yellow cake with chocolate frosting topped with a candy corn. If you didn't know already, we love Cupcake Wars around here. We could not just set these delicious cupcakes on a platter. OH NO! We had to come up with a display for our grand finale!

We had so much fun putting this together! Just so you know, we were able to get them all on the table in time.

I have saved the best for last! 

Tuck in that cowboy shirt and slip into those cowgirl boots. Make sure your saddle is tight because you will want to come along for the next ride to entertainment!

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