Wednesday, October 19, 2011

My baby is losing it

One tooth at a time.

Yes, I did finally realize I was taking pictures of my child in only panties and made her put on a shirt.

Ella had been telling me all week that her tooth hurt and it was coming out. I figured it was just her imagination until this past Sunday. She came running into my bedroom with her tooth halfway hanging out. Now....before I continue with the lost a tooth story, let me just explain how I am not the tooth pulling parent. I do not like to inflict pain on my children......Carmel loves it! He would have used a wrench if he could! He was not  home at the time. I explained to her how we needed to wait for daddy. He would be upset if he did not have the opportunity to pull the first one. She agreed with me and waited until after church.

One tug and it was out!

See the smile on Carmel's face? I told you he loves giving pain.

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