Wednesday, October 12, 2011


Last Saturday, we had a Surprise 16th Birthday Party for Griffin. I have been planning this event since the summer. There will no longer be any looking over my shoulder every second he is home, locking myself in the bathroom to have a conversation on the phone or having every excuse ready to fit any possible question that may arise.

I was so worried he would find out. I had a surprise party for my 16th birthday. I found out about it before the event because I overheard my mom and my best friend talking on the phone. I really hoped that would not happen for Griffin. There were times I could have slipped up like......

*when he wanted to play in his football game but I insisted we were going out of town. My answer: the whole family was visiting due to it being a holiday.

* He wanted to plan something big with friends from Ga( $$$$$$). My solution: I had a party for Ella to make it impossible for him to do anything that weekend.

* He saw me give mom and dad 250 hot dogs in a cooler. My response: They are having something at their house and needed hot dogs.  Since I got the hot dogs for only 50 cents, I told them to use them.

All the preplanning was worth it when the day finally came!

We had it at my parent house and it was the perfect place! He has several friends and plenty of family either in Al or near there. 

He spent the night with his cousin the night before so we could spend all day Saturday getting ready for it. All of the guest arrived 30 minutes prior to Griffin arriving. Everyone, except a few of us, hid around back. As he drove up, I saw him smiling and thought...... he knows. He gets out of the car and goes for the trunk to get his stuff out. What???? He was clueless! Picture this.....I am standing with my camera, Carmel has the video camera and my mom has her camera all pointing right at him. He still doesn't think anything. It wasn't until we made him go around the corner that he realized there was a party for him! I later asked, "You didn't think anything when I was taking pictures of you as you drove up?" His response, "No, you are always taking pictures!"

Check back over the next few days as I share the details of the boot stomping good time we had!

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  1. mission completion!!! Awesome Mom :) How fun for Griffin. Now who get driver's ed duty?