Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fair Evangelism!

 Each year our church has a booth at the fair. The congregation is asked to give a few hours of their time to help. Carmel is usually the one to sign up but this year the whole family went. Most of the time you have people that walk right by or look the other way to avoid a conversation. Sometimes you get a smile. Occasionally, someone may stop to talk.

Our job is to plant the seed. Not only should we secure our place in heaven but try to bring as many people as we can with us. Sometimes that is not as easy as it sounds. If one conversation could eventually....down the road  lead to that person being saved, then it was a success.

 At the booth, there are plenty of pamphlets and 2 computers for bible knowledge. One computer is set up with questions for the adults and the other is for children. Our children were drawn very quickly to the computers.

I have to admit.......the kids and I did not stay the full 3 hours at the booth. I did mention the booth was at the fair.....right? It is hard to sit indoors when you know right outside are the rides, games, ELEPHANT EARS( Yes, this is my weakness at the fair. It is what I will not leave the fair without!) This particular night it drizzled the whole time. We only walked around( until we found the ELEPHANT EARS..... of course!) this year. My girls(I say only girls because Griffin went with his class later in the week) did not ride a single ride this year. Want to know why? Well here is a math problem for you. What does.....

rides put up in a day + rain = ???

A very nervous mother!

We had every intention of going back another day to let them ride a few but then life happened.

Oh well!

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