Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Weekend in Auburn

We went this past weekend to Auburn for the Auburn vs South Carolina  football game. My side of the family are all AU fans and since we were playing USC Carmel had to deal with all the smack talk before hand. I honestly thought it would be a good game but USC would pull through by a little. My take on sports is it doesn't matter who is the best but who is having a good day. As you may know, the tigers were the ones who were fired up that day. War Eagle!

Since it was Griffin's birthday that day, We all meet at a local restaurant for some Mexican cuisine. For some reason, I did not get very many pictures from the weekend. I did not get any of the game because it was suppose to rain and I did not want to chance getting my camera wet.

The restaurant brought Griffin fried ice cream for his birthday and I made this.....

Ella enjoyed her piece!

Dad just begged for a picture with the son in laws.

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