Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Ella's tiny tea party

This past Saturday we celebrated Ella's birthday with a tiny tea party. I must say we had a rather joyful afternoon of sipping tea( really apple juice) together.  All of the guest arrived in style. At the royal table we had Batman, Mario and Luigi, a bride, beautiful princesses and plenty of handsome young gentlemen. The party may have been tiny but we had plenty of marvelous fun! 

The birthday princess

The Royal Table

What do you serve the royal guest at a tiny tea party? Tiny food of course!

The Menu

tiny chicken bacon salad sandwiches
tiny corn dogs with red sauce
tiny chickens with honey mustard
tiny pizza bites
tiny teapot PB&J sandwiches
tiny orange carrots with a white sauce
tiny cheese balls
tiny cookies with pink fluff
brownie bites
tiny cinnamon buns with a drizzle of cream cheese sauce


tiny birthday cake with tiny cupcakes on the side

Nothing like sipping tea with Batman

or dunking a mini cheese ball.

Blowing on your food

 and remembering to eat it using good table manners.

A tea party would not be complete without entertainment. What better way to have fun than to kiss a frog.

I think the little ladies were hoping for a prince to appear. Many of them were lip to lip with the frog. Maybe they practice on the mirrors at home like 2 of my princesses do. Just so you know no boys were harmed with the application of lipstick during this game. They were given manly Cars chap stick instead.

Princess Ella was delighted when she received gifts from her party guests.

Had the party planner known these two stole the camera for their own entertainment purposes they would have been banned and returned to kingdom of doom.

Funny and so unexpected when flipping through my pictures. I hope everyone on Facebook enjoys them too! Just in case you did  not know this is Jessica and Scott.

It was a great day of tea sipping, frog kissing and royal chatting.

Happy 5th Birthday Ella!


  1. Sorry we missed it! Looks like everyone had a great time and of course everything well planned by the Evil Stepmother...Err...I mean the Royal Queen. :)

  2. Looks like such a fun party. Girl -- where did you find the time to make all that food, decorate for the party, be a mom, and WORK full-time? Please share your secret! Miss ya!