Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Slice and bake freezer cookies

I thought I would share with you a freezer tip. You know that feeling you get when you slice open a package of Pillsbury slice and bake chocolate chip cookie dough. You want to eat the cookie dough but then you remember you would miss out on the warm ooey gooey goodness of a freshly baked chocolate chip cookie. I thought I would let you in on a secret my aunt shared with me back in the day. How to package your own slice and bake cookies.

First you mix up you favorite cookie recipe. 

I did whole wheat chocolate chip cookies. I usually double or triple the recipe so I can make several. 

Next, you put half of the dough on wax paper and form a log shape.

Then, you line the 2 long ends of the wax paper together.

Fold the 2 pieces down.

Then fold each end closed

and tuck up underneath the dough.

Lastly, put a layer of aluminum foil over the wax paper. Use the same steps for the foil as you did for the wax paper. Make sure to write on the outside what type of cookie you made. I do all kinds. Place them in the freezer until you are in the mood for warm ooey gooey cookies. 

Bake at 350 for 12 minutes. 

These are great for when you have family visiting, functions to attend or several unexpected teens at your house. I have even taken them to new neighbors or over to a friends house for an extra special treat. My packaging is a little plain but you could spruce it  up with ribbon and a tag with the name of the cookie and directions on how to bake.

I can remember my aunt bringing us these when she would come for a visit. Sometimes we would bake them then or place them in the freezer for later. There are a few people that I admire in this world and my  Aunt Beth is one of them. She has been a  wonderful Christian example to me and  I enjoy every moment when I am with her.

Thank you Beth!


  1. I will have to remember that trick...not that I'm a baker or anything. LOL!

  2. THAT rocks my world!!!! gotta stock the freezer.... maybe i'll just link to this post.... the whole world needs to hear this!!!!!!!

    i'm ALWAYS! needing cookies but never have time to make them!

    i gotta get on this freezer stocking thing!

  3. That's so clever! Thanks for the great tip, maybe I'll package up some of this yummy cookie dough!