Saturday, August 29, 2009

Just a little TMI!

I am going to go ahead and warn you on this post. It is quite disgusting but I am going to share anyways. If you have a weak stomach or get grossed out at anytime you may exit. And no I do not have pictures to go along with it(that would just be to gross!!!)

I was hanging some pictures in Ella's room when I hear Laney screaming. I ask her what is wrong. She says "It hurts so much it won't come out." I then realize she is on the pot and is constipated. I then proceed to tell her the best thing to do is breath and get a book to look at. Well, several screams later she finally gets done. She tells me "Mom my bottom hurts so bad." Being the all knowing mother that I am, I tell her to go sit down and rest her bottom for it has had a workout.

Well, later on that night at the supper table while we are eating, Laney(my child who will say whatever is on her mind) decides to tell daddy the story of her big poop. She tells him, " Today I had to go to the bathroom and my poop wouldn't come out. It hurt so much. It was like having a baby. I had to push it out. It was huge!! When I got done, my bottom hurt and mom told me to go rest it. I guess I will be adding more fiber in Laney's diet.


  1. lol... jack always has to anounce when its a big one and wether it hurts or not :)

  2. At least she didn't refrain from flushing so you could see it!

  3. She asked if I wanted to come see but I told her no thank you! There are just some things a mother does not have to come look at.