Friday, August 28, 2009


We just finished our second week of homeschooling and boy was it a challange. I am usually a very organized person but I just had a hard time getting it together this week. We recieved our materials late so we are trying to catch up, I had several unexpected things pop up, I am still trying to learn how the program works and I have lost my voice from talking so much. Many things get put on the "I will do it later list" like cleaning, washing clothes, errands and getting our house put together. I know it will come as a shock to some of you but I have not even had time to shop. I can't believe I am missing out on all that freeeee stuff but.... my kids needs come first. I know that I will be on top of things again(hopefully soon!) and juggle it all. That is what us super moms are expected to do.

Even though I have had a rough week, I am looking forward to this upcoming year. I have alot of ideas and plans. I went tonight to a CO-OP meeting and signed Laney and Ella up for a study of Eric Carle(children's author) class and Laney up for an acting class(she should love this since she talks to herself in the mirror all the time). I am going to stop talking now and leave you with what a wise 3 year old did the other day. She must have known I was having a bad day because she tells me "Mommy, you need a kiss and a hug."

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