Tuesday, August 18, 2009

First day of school....in our pajamas?????

We started our first day of homeschooling yesterday. To make things easier and fun, I declared it pajama day. Laney then says, "You mean I can stay in my pajamas all day." I have been explaining to them what homeschooling is, what we will be doing and the rules that come with it. I guess they loved the field trip idea because they both wanted to go on a field trip the first day. Laney said Monkey Joes and Ella said Chuck E Cheese. So we had talk 2 about going on EDUCATIONAL field trips. We did go to CVS and learned about how $ does not grow on trees!

Our school room is in the office. With just a little more organization on my part and I think it will do just fine. Just a few humorous things:
Last night I was gathering a few checks we needed to put into our account. I looked in the dish in the kitchen and a $250 check was missing. I asked around if anyone had seen it. All no's. I spent several minutes tearing the house apart. It finally hit me. I told the girls to clean there room and you know what that means......everything ends up under the bed. Sure enough...under Ella's. As soon as I pulled it out she says, "I knew it was there the whole time."
Laney told me while I was getting ready to fix supper that she wanted to help. As we were preparing it she says, "Mom I want to cook when I grow up." You want to be a chef, I say. Laney says, "No, I want to be a plain mom like you." OHH! I say and what is a plain mom? She says, "One that is at home all day or either goes shopping."

Laney tells me last night that she is going to sleep good because she is going to dream about kissing her boyfriend (a boy back in Fl whom she has already claimed as her husband). Yes.....we are installing bars on her window tomorrow!

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