Sunday, August 23, 2009

Our busy weekend

We had quite a busy weekend. Friday, we went to some friends house to go swimming and then back home for make your own pizza night( this has become a Friday favorite). Saturday, the girls and I went to a Ladies Prayer Breakfast at church. As you can see in the picture below we were to wear green. Ella and I then headed to an Ariel swimming birthday party while Carmel took Laney to a skating party( no pictures because I was not there). That night Carmel , Griffin and the Meek's men went to a Braves game while the girls watched movies.

Laney has had a loose front tooth for about 3 weeks. For the past week and a half that same tooth has been barely hanging on. She would not pull it because she said she was too nervous. I wish I had a before shot because this tooth was starting to decay and turn black. I told her the darker your tooth gets the less $ the tooth fairy gives you. I guess that was not a good motivator for her because tonight we put an end to the dangling decaying black tooth. I got ready to pull it and Laney said "mom let's say a prayer first." Okay I said. Laney says "Dear God, Please let my tooth come out and let it not hurt and please tell the tooth fairy to give a lot of $." After 40 minutes of trying to get her to cooperate, I very unexpectedly yanked on the dental floss and out it came.

It looks so much better with a hole than when the decaying tooth was in there.


  1. How cute! I love toothless pictures.

  2. I forgot to post my comment about this! My two munchkins were sitting with me and were both horrified with the graphicness of this post :P First tooth pulling pictures for them! Hailey knows that's what is going to happen, but never had an image to go with it. Jack just held his mouth and said his were never coming out :P Laney looks super cute with all the holes in her head!!