Monday, September 7, 2009

We scored some free sandwiches today did you?

If you did not know already, today was giveaway day at Chickfila. Anyone who came wearing sports related clothing recieved a free chicken sandwich. I think everyone in Warner Robins must have known because it was CROWDED. We had already eaten at our church fish fry so we decided to get them to go for supper that night. We could not leave without getting a picture with the cow.Cameron, Owen and Cheryl joined us for the freebie.

We had to go to the mall later on that day and there happen to be a Chickfila there too. We felt bad for them because it was not as crowded as the one on Watson. Being the caring person that I am, I wanted to help boost their ratings so we picked up more free sandwiches( we are planning to have those for supper tomorrow night since Carmel is gone.)
I am tired but wanted to post a little something. I will have more tomorrow on our AU tailgating weekend. War Eagle!

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