Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Gymnastics and Nicholas Sparks

This past Saturday I guess you could say was Laney and mommy day. One of the local gymnastics facilities was having a fun day. Anyone could come and use there equipment. Laney has been wanting to do gymnastics for a while but there was nowhere close when we lived in Fl. I took her and she loved it. I will definitely be signing her up and Ella too! Ella will only be $15 a month. I can't pass that up. Here are a few pictures of Laney attempting the bars and balance beam. She has so much to learn.
On to the highlight of our Saturday. I found out that Nicholas Sparks was coming to the Sam's in Macon. I have read several of his books and thought what the hey. I have never been to a book signing. We barely made it before they cut the line off( he had to be somewhere else by 6:00). I met a couple at gymnastics and started talking and lost track of time. Imagine that! We waited for a couple of hours before we got our signature, photo and a quick hello. I must say he is very nice looking in person.

Laney and I had our own photo session while waiting in line.

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