Saturday, March 7, 2015

It's a plane…it's a bird….no its Batman's sidekick Robin

Last night, we went to Jamboree to watch Griffin and all the rest of the clubs perform. Griffin and his club did a Batman act which included Batman with several Robins and Catwoman with several of her sidekicks. On the evil side, there was the Joker with his bad boys and the worst of them all…. ivy girl. It was a very entertaining battle but the good guys came out on top. 

Griffin and my nephew were both Robins in the act. Although I don't think they will be majoring in drama, they did a good job. It was funny to hear them talk about wearing tights, split shorts with attached undies and makeup.

If your ever in a jam, these two would be happy to help just don't make them come in costume!

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