Wednesday, March 11, 2015

It's getting close!!!!

I am very excited to finally be in my own home with all our stuff under one roof again after almost 2 years. Living in 2 different states and now out of boxes has not been our ideal way of living but we managed to make it work. I have to admit as much as I am excited to move in I am dreading the moving part. Between homeschooling, my graduate classes, training, co-op classes, softball and being out of town for 2 weekends doesn't leave a whole lot of time for moving. Luckily, we don't have to be out of the apartment for another month.  
 I had every intention on posting pictures throughout the building process but as you can see….…. life got in the way. Believe me when I say we have plenty of pictures. I think Carmel went every other day and took at least 15 pictures each time. Today, I will show you just a few of those many pictures Carmel took.

 Breaking ground

I will skip the foundation and framing pictures. They are not very interesting to see.

Here are a few of the inside before all the good stuff was installed. We have chosen a open floor plan since we like to entertain.

The next few pictures will show you some of my favorite features of this house. My absolute favorite place in the whole entire house is definitely my kitchen!!!!!!! 

I have never had an island so I am looking forward to using it! In every house we've owned, there was an electric stove. I can't wait to try gas!

The best part about building a house is being able to pick out everything to make it unique and fit your style. Since we have lived in so many homes with several different features, I knew exactly what I wanted and didn't want!

This is our separate laundry room where I can shut the door and hide the piles of laundry.

 My Our shower

I love having a front porch. It's not my ideal wrap around porch but that can wait for my dream home!

This was just a glimpse of what we will be moving into in just a few short weeks. Once we get settled(whenever that will be), I will take you on a tour of the house.

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