Sunday, March 15, 2015

908th Awards Banquet

      Over the years, we have attended several military events. Some have been casual while others were  dressier. By now, I know when Carmel has to pull out his Mess Dress, I need get fancy. Since I have learned I can never go wrong with black, that is usually my choice of attire. 
Sadly, there was nothing in my closet for such an event. I HAD to go shopping! My husband always tells me to go out and buy something nice but the saver in me has a hard time following through. Don't get me wrong…..I like to shop. I just don't like to pay full price. I figured it would be hard for me to find something nice this time of year. A few days before the event, I went to Belk hoping to find something. I headed straight for the clearance rack. I loved seeing the sign that said, "Take an additional 50% off the ticketed price." There were many dresses hanging on the rack so I am thinking I may possibly get lucky! I had my evolving fashionista with me for a second opinion. As I looked, she gave me several "ew…mom…no!" and "definite never!" This girl was sweet when she handed me some beautiful dresses in a size 4. Sadly, I had to turn those down since I…. am ….no….. where…. near…. a size 4! 

I was about to go to the dressing room with my slim pickins when I noticed a pantsuit. The tag said a small but the price tag said $12(after the addition 50% off). I figured a girl can dream about squeezing her rump into a small. I tried on the pantsuit and much to my surprise it fit! So after the % off and my Belk reward, I ended up paying $1.36. That made this momma very happy!

We tried to get a picture in front of the lake but the lighting made it dark. We had to settle for apartments in the background. I don't know why I didn't take any at the banquet.

 Carmel was excited he could still fit into his Mess Dress after 15 years!

I thought he looked handsome!

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