Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Dreaming of a world where every week is spring break

Last week was our spring break. We didn't do much or go anywhere but it was nice to have that break. Well…at least for the girls….I had to work on a research paper. 

Since our spring break fell in line with the other schools, Laney was able to attend the special youth events for the week. When I wasn't chauffering Laney around, we stayed at home enjoying life. Ella decided to fix us lunch several days, which we ate poolside. A couple of days it was even nice enough to jump in.

 We would save the edges of our bread to feed the ducks…..

and turtles!

We finished off spring break with an Easter egg hunt at church. Since Laney is way to cool to hunt and Ella is all about racing to find the most eggs, I only got a couple of pictures…..right before we were leaving.

Even though we didn't get to spend our spring break with our toes in the sand while listening to the sound of the waves, it was still nice to have a break!

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