Monday, March 9, 2015

Creative book report ideas

I wanted to do something a little different with Ella's assigned chapter books this year. I want to retell the story in a creative way. Here are a few of her finished products.

Lego Littles
She used her legos to recreate a scene from her book The Littles.

 Biography Bottle
She had to create Cora Frear using a 2 liter coke bottle. 

Canned Character
She decorated a can to resemble a dog.

Cereal Box TV
She took her story and turned it into a tv show.

Shadow Puppet Theater
We turned a shoe box into a theater. She had to make characters from her story and reenact the story. A flashlight turned the story into something magical. She has already used the theater to come up with other stories.

The only problem we are having is Ella loves to keep everything. She is starting to run out of room in her bedroom.

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