Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Valentines Day Surprise

Before I begin, can I just get a hip hip hooray??? I just turned in my final for one of my classes. I am so glad to have 2/3 of my classes finished. The sad part…….this was not my hardest class!

Carmel called me about a month ago and said, "Block Valentines weekend because I am taking you somewhere and its going to be a surprise." Normally, I don't like surprises but since I have been mentally brain drained lately, I accepted the surprise. 

Fast forward to the day before we are supposed to leave. I have no idea what to pack!!! I am the kind of girl who usually packs for all the…... just in case this happens on the trip. I had to know what to take. I asked the hubs and he said, "Casual and maybe one nice outfit." That didn't tell me much. Casual to me would be wearing my pajamas or a workout outfit. I finally had to show him the outfits to get the approval. 

The next day we loaded up and started heading north. We reached Elijay,Ga and I thought... I've always wanted to pick apples here. We drove right past it. As we entered into North Carolina, I was clueless. I knew we couldn't go to far because we had to be back by 2:00 on Sunday. We finally pulled up to a place called John C Campbell Folk School. He had made plans for a tour of the place to see if we would be interested in coming back. This place offers classes from cooking to blown glass. We stepped into a class where they were knitting their own socks. Carmel's interest were at the blacksmith shop.

Since it was very cold, we did not spend much time walking to each building. I did snap a couple of pictures of the scenery.

My husband did slip up and tell the lady in the office where we were heading next. After we hopped in the car, the GPS was taking us to Helen, Ga. I have always liked this little town. It may be because my grandmother is German or that I wish to travel to Germany one day. It is a small town with a German feel. 

We arrived at a bed and breakfast(definitely a good surprise) and settled into our African room equipped with a heart hot tub, flowers and chocolate.

It definitely brought out the wild side in us!

Enjoying chocolate while watching tv. That is what I call relaxing…...

or so I thought! Couples message was definitely the highlight for me!!!!!
It was so relaxing….we had to go back to the room to relax and wash the oils out of my hair. Eventually, we got out to do a little window shopping and finally lunch.

Notice a pattern????

Why would we want to stop someone to take our picture when we can keep taking close up selfies! Can you guess what we did after lunch? Yep…..more relaxing(and no its not code for something else).

We did finally get out one more time for dinner. This time it was German food.

This was definitely a much needed break from life for the both of us! Wish we could go somewhere once a month……maybe when we retire!!!!

Note for hubby: Thank you for the wonderful weekend!!!!!

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