Friday, March 14, 2014

The Montgomery Zoo

After discussing several animals from different countries, we took a trip to our local zoo. Now I have been to this zoo many times but it has been a while. When I was teaching, we would take our first graders here each year. When Laney was little and we lived in Al, I used to take her all the time. The zoo was not very big but interesting. 

They have added quite a bit since the last time we were there! A few of our favorite new things were definitely the........


You can walk into this cage and these pretty little birds are everywhere! The zoo has vending machines inside the cage. You can purchase a stick with bird seed attached to it. The birds flock to these vending machines once they realize a purchase is about to be  made. You barely have the stick pulled out before they fly to your arm. I had a few fighting on my arm over the seeds.

Sky Lift

The girls loved this! I was very impressed with the amount of time spent on this ride. It takes you all the way across the zoo and back. I was enjoying myself until I realized we were right over the open cage that held the cheetahs. I kept replaying in my mind.......what would I do if we fell? Other than that quick moment of fear, I loved it!

These are not new but had a new member of the family. It's hard to see in the picture but this momma has a  tiny little baby attached to her. I can't remember what they are called but are related to the chimpanzees. We stayed close to this exhibit for a while. The baby was so cute to watch!

Here are a few other pictures from our day.

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