Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Locks of Love

About a year and a half ago, my daughter mentions how she wants to grow her hair out and donate it. I was proud of her for wanting to do it, but assumed it was just a thought at the time. When she started mentioning it on a regular basis, I knew she was serious about donating. I figured I better do my part and get the information needed for donating.  I found out the donation length had to be 10 in. At that point, she would not have to wait much longer if she wanted a cute bob afterwards. She was adamant about wanting her hair coming to her shoulders after the cut. After a year of measuring, massive knots, many ponytail days, tears, brushes getting stuck, she finally arrived to the desired length!

Since I needed to get my hair done.........

I scheduled Ella's at the same time.

This is the before pictures. I don't think her hair has ever been this long.

I like to go get my hair done by myself. It's my quiet relaxing me time and it only happens once every 3 months! I don't even like for my hairdresser to be chatty. She just needs to fondle, message, scrub and fix my hair and I AM ONE HAPPY LADY! Sometimes it doesn't work out that way and my girls have to go with me. They like to go, especially Ella. She likes to watch, touch, talk and follow me everywhere( hence... why I like to go by myself....this mom doesn't relax with all that going on!). 

Ella was so excited to have her hair cut, wash and styled! However, I did capture a moment of question. You can see the look of ......

I am not sure I want to do this!

Would if it is too short?

Even though I hate brushing it....I kinda like it long!

After the lady cut it, Ella said, "It's uneven!"

She had to explain that she was not finished. She would wash her hair, finish cutting it and then style it.

This was definitely her favorite part! 

Now.......  when I am in the washing phase, I don't talk and enjoy the messaging moment....usually with my eyes closed(I may or may not doze off sometimes???).

This is where my daughter and I differ. She talked nonstop while in THE chair!

We are definitely going to have to talk about how to get the most out of  THE chair!

The final results......

She loves her hair!

We lover her hair and kind heart!

If you haven't already and are interested in donating, here is the website with all of the information.....

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