Thursday, March 20, 2014


Last weekend, Carmel took the girls on a daddy daughters date to the rodeo. Each daughter was supposed to have her own special date. Since both of them wanted to go to the rodeo, we opted( mainly cost reasons) for them to go together. He promised separate dates next time. Ella loves animals but both of them have become very interested in horses. They were so excited about going to the rodeo especially when they heard John Luke Robertson was going to be there! Laney loves anything Duck Dynasty but her favorite is definitely Sadie. Sadie came here for a speaking engagement not to long ago but we were not able to go.

Much to their surprise, Sadie came with John Luke to the rodeo. 

I wish I could have seen Laney's face when Sadie walked  past where they were sitting.
I think it's funny  the people in the picture below do not even turn their heads as she walks by.  I guess they came more for the rodeo.

I am sure both of the girls were excited to see her that close to them. I know they were at their peak of excitement when they were just a few feet away from her while watching John Luke ride the mechanical bull. 

How do I know about this excitement? 

I was able to see all 20 pictures and videos that Laney captured!

She told me how they were going to get a picture together but ran out of time. Sadie and John Luke both had an event later that evening. 

Carmel being the wonderful husband that he is took pictures(without being asked) for me. I think he probably knew the wrath he would have to endure later on for coming home empty handed! Don't ask me how he knows this! 
this is the same man that likes to take 50 million pictures of cars....graves.....historical sights and only one(if I'm lucky) of our children!

Much to my amazement, he took several of their day! Maybe after many years of marriage......I have him trained by now(!
 Here are just a few from the afternoon.

 As you can see, they all came home with a souvenir........a cowboy hat.

I love the fact that my girls have a daddy that will take them out on dates!

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