Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Recipes from around the world

We are almost finished with our study on countries and cultures. We have enjoyed traveling the world while in the comforts of home. Since I last posted, we have traveled to Europe, Africa and Asia. For those of you that have kept up with this blog, know that we conclude each continent with a special dinner. Here are the last 3 crammed into 1 post.


We made Pilau which is a rice and meat mixture. Maybe it was the recipe I chose but the picture looked a lot better than the taste. The women thought it was okay but the men in the family did not care for it AT ALL! 

We also made Irio. We all liked this dish. It was basically potatoes, peas, corn and a few other ingredients all mashed together. 


When you study many different places, sometimes it is hard to decide which recipes to choose. This was the case with Europe. Since I have a grandmother who is German and a father who loves German food, we decided to prepare a German meal.

We made kraut and many different types of wurst. Unfortunately, my moms crock pot gets very hot very quickly. The food in the first picture cooked a little to long. 

The Garlic Schnitzel was definitely a favorite to prepare and eat! You can find the recipe here.

We also had German pancakes.

For dessert, we opted for something from France. 

We made French Beignet for dessert. How many of you have ever been to New Orleans and had the Beignets  from Cafe Du Monde? They are soooo delicious!!!!! I tried to make them once before but they turned out nothing like the real thing. I came across this recipe and decided to try them again. These were absolutely delicious! Almost like sitting in the cafe.......except missing the frozen coffee! It was hard to control myself  from  popping one in my mouth when they were warm and recently dunked in powder sugar!


Our most recent stop was Asia. We knew this would be a favorite because we all like Asian food. Since we were talking about nutrition in science, the girls tried to incorporate every food group into this meal. During this chapter, one of the projects was creating a menu. They made menus for our special Asian dinner.

The menu consisted of egg drop soup, sesame chicken with fried rice and egg rolls.

I was very surprised about the egg drop soup recipe. It was delicious and very easy to make!
Here is the egg drop soup recipe I used.

We had a couple of hungry boys join us at the last minute. Thankfully, we made plenty!

We will finish our tour with Australia and Antarctica this week.

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