Thursday, June 13, 2013

Zombie Run 2013

I am having so much fun participating in all these fun runs!

This past Saturday, a few of us ran/dodge/walked in the Zombie Run. I will tell you how it worked and then show the pictures. 

When we arrived, we were given our bag of goodies. It held a shirt, runner bib, sweatband, water bottle, 3 balloons and a belt to hold the balloons. We took a moment before the race to put on our organs(balloons) and talk strategies! Here is how the race worked:

1. You wore a belt that held 3 balloons( blown up to you own size preference). These were your organs.
2. All along the course, were several zombies.
3. These zombies wanted your organs(balloons).
4. The zombies would try to reach/snatch/sneak for your organs as you ran/dodge/spun past them.
5. If you made it to the finish line with any of your organs(balloons), you were still alive.

How did I do you might ask?

I fought hard?

Really hard?

Unfortunately........I barely made it past mile 1!

Those zombies were sneaky. I think my phone got me in trouble. I wanted to take too many pictures.

At one point during the race, I got a phone call from my daughter just to say hi. I kindly told her mom had to go or she would be zombie meat.

Okay enough for the pictures.

These were the only 2 from our group to still be alive when it was over. Do you notice how there belts are in different positions than how they started out?

I thought I would share a video of what it was like. I am running so the video is very shaky.

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