Thursday, June 20, 2013

Magic Kingdom 2013

Before I begin our several post journey about our trip to Disney World, I thought I would let you know.....

"I am Worn Out!!!!"

People do not lie when they say you need a vacation from your Disney vacation! that I let you know that........ I am excused from any grammar errors or anything that doesn't make since. 
The kids and I got 4 day passes for Christmas because Carmel had his military job close to the parks. Little did we know at the time that he would have another job somewhere else so soon. I had to quickly do some planning! Knowing we had only 3 days left on our passes and 4 parks to attend I did quite a bit of research! I wanted to make it special since the kids had not been in 7 years(Ella was 2 months old).
We did go to Magic Kingdom back in February for the Disney Princess Half Marathon Weekend. It was so crowded that we did not get to do much. 

 For those of you who are planning a trip to Disney sometime soon, I will do a post later to let you know what I found and if it paid off!
 Now.....onto our magical trip to Disney World!

We left last Friday to head to our friends house to stay the night. We took these shots before we left.

 After staying up way to late catching up with good friends, we left the next morning to head to the hotel for early check in. We stayed at the Shades of Green on Disney property. That was the first time I have ever stayed on the property. I loved it!
After checking in, we used their transportation service to Magic Kingdom.

The ride over to Magic Kingdom on the Ferry Boat.

 This was the Buzz Lightyear ride.

 At around 4:00, the rain came falling down! Most people ran for cover.....we ran for the rides that were still open. We were not going to let getting wet spoil our trip. We were soaked and having a blast!

Unfortunately this ride closed due to the weather so we got a picture instead.

 I took this picture because Ella had the cutest little ringlets in her hair from the rain. Now all of you that have curly hair would not find this interesting. I come from a family of straight hair with a couple of unwanted funky curls.

 This was the walk into Ariel's ride. Back in Feb we waited an hour and a half for this ride. On this particular rainy day 10 minutes.

The castle is so beautiful during the day but even better at night.

 We watched the Electrical Parade which is a must!

We also watched for the first time Celebrate the Magic. You do not want to miss this! It was amazing!!!!!! They transform the castle into a piece of living art.

Before we left the park, we found our way into the shops to try on a few hats.

We were able to ride just about everything in the park all in one day. This was where my research came in handy.........along with the rain!

Tomorrow I will share our day at Epcot.


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