Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Andersonville National Historic Site

While family was here, we drove to Andersonville to see Camp Sumter, the National Cemetery and the POW museum.

If you are ever in the Andersonville area, I highly recommend stopping to see this part of History. 

You can drive through to see the different parts of the historic site. Don't forget to set your radio to listen to a recording about the site.

You do have the option of walking but it is spread out and there are quite a few hills. We chose to drive through and stop in certain areas.

The most interesting part to me was definitely the cemetery. It is the burial ground to many of the Union prisoners during the Civil War. There were over 45,000 Union prisoner for which 13,000 of them died there.   There are rows and rows of tombstones. It is an amazing and unforgettable site!

Everywhere you turn, there are rows and more rows!

Most of the tombstones had a name but a few did have unknown.

There are also statues with each Union State.

We also found a couple Weed's buried here.

After the cemetery, we went to the museum.

It tells the unseen stories of the prison and the prisoners.

Many of the prisoner were held in tight cell blocks. 

I have to be honest this was a little spooky when I first took a glance!

The next one was even scarier!

Only a few ever escaped. Some tried to dig there way out but usually were killed when the dirt caved in on them.

A few more pictures outside and then it was time to head back.

If you would like more information, you click here to read all about the Andersonville National Historic Site.

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