Friday, June 21, 2013

Epcot 2013

On the third day of our trip, we went to Epcot. It has been a while since I have visited there and the kids have never been. Growing up this was always known as the boring park with no rides. I guess the people spoke and Disney listened. It has changed so much in 20 years(the last time I went). I didn't even know my way around. 

 From everything I read, it said the first thing to do at Epcot was to get a fastpass to ride Soarin. This is where my research paid off! There was a minimum wait time of hour and a half all day long. When we came back later to use our fastpass, it was a 10 minute wait. The passes were gone by the afternoon. It is definitely a ride you do not want to miss! 

We were able to ride and do everything with little wait time except for Test Track. It was closed for most of the day due to issues. When it finally opened up in the evening, the wait time was 70 minutes and no fastpass.

Here's a little secret......shhhhhh....don't tell anyone!
While we were in Epcot, Ella's flip flop broke. There were no shoes in this particular store(honestly....I didn't know they sold them in any store) so I went up to the counter. I asked if we could have some tape to fix her shoe. The lady proceeds to give Ella a certificate which allowed her to get a replacement pair at Mouse Gear. I am thinking they must have a few cheaper pairs behind the counter. The lady at Mouse Gear lets Ella pick out any pair she wants for free. 

She chose these cute little shoes. Even better.....they matched her outfit perfectly!
Isn't Disney wonderful!

Another tip I read about during my research was the best/quickest place to see Mickey and a few of his friends was Epcot. We waited maybe 5 minutes to see Mickey, Minnie and Pluto. They were all in one building air!!!!!!!!!!!!

Innoventions is a neat place to go. They had different adventures on finance, technology and fire safety. We competed in a game where we had to rush to each room to locate a fire hazard. The girls participated in a pretend house fire.

Ella earned her fire safety sticker.

I snapped a few pictures of rides and landmarks at Epcot.

Yes.....a certain girl decided to photo bomb my picture. So I do what any good mother would it! 
I am even enlarging it for your enjoyment!

 She did not do it just once but twice!

Maybe she will think twice about bombing my photo!

This is what I was trying to get!

The flowers distracted her long enough for me to get one good one!

I will save the World Showcase and our Princess lunch for later.

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