Tuesday, June 11, 2013

A day filled with cars and planes.

Last week, Carmel's parents, sister and niece came for a visit. Their trip would not be complete without some time spent seeing Carmel's mistress.

He is in the process of restoring his grandmother's 68 Chevelle. I know it doesn't look like much right now but many.... many... many hours have been spent working on this vehicle. Besides his kids.......this is his pride and joy! I will have to show you a before and after photo once it is finished.

Since his parents have never been to The Museum of Aviation, I figured I better take them before we move!

If you ever come to WR, you really must plan to go. It's big.....interesting.....and best of all free!

It's a great place to read up on your history.

There is a section of the museum dedicated to a local man. It is set up like a theater. A film is played to show all his accomplishments and the people he influenced.

The girls were able to stick their head through the Great Wall of China.

Of course, the museum would not be complete without seeing some planes.

Tomorrow I will share a our trip to Andersonville.

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