Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Hollywood Studios

I know some of you are probably getting tired of seeing posts about our Disney trip..........
okay.... put your hands down.

I have so many pictures from our trip that it was easier to break it up. I promise this is our last park post. Notice I said park post........I am planning to do a tips and ideas post next.

As I mentioned before in my previous post, we visited Animal Kingdom the first half of the day and Hollywood Studios the second half. 

The first thing I did was use My Disney Experience app on my phone to check and see if there were any fastpasses for Toy Story Mania. I read they are usually gone by noon.  I wasn't shocked to find out they were all out. So we headed straight to Tower of Terror and Rock n Roll Roller Coaster. My youngest surprised me on this trip with her courage for riding thrill rides. There was a 105 minute wait for Rock n Roll so we grabbed a fastpass for later and rode Tower of Terror(20 minute wait).

I wish I would have snapped an up close picture of the photo the ride captures. They were pretty hilarious!

Throughout the day, we rode several rides and saw shows. I expected Hollywood Studios to be packed but was shocked to see a small amount of wait time for several things! 

One of the things we had to do was see the last showing of Beauty and the Beast at 5:30.

Griffin managed to get in a cat nap during the show. 

As soon as Beauty and the Beast was over, it was time to use our fastpass for Rock n Roll Roller Coaster.

I wasn't sure if the girls would like this ride since it goes fast and upside down. They loved it!

That evening it poured down rain so we caught a few of the indoor shows.

Ella was selected to hold the key for Pirates of the Caribbean. She only had one small little word to say......I. She was so nervous! She kept asking me, "Now what am I supposed to say again?" It was a little confusing since the guy added a pirate accent to the word. 

I was trying to take a picture and video. Since we have never done this show before I didn't know what to expect. I missed her saying "I" (which she did very well!) but caught some of the tail end of her part.

She took her acting gig very seriously!

Later that night, we went to see Fantasmic!

Sorcerer Mickey and pyrotechnics during the Fantasmic! fireworks show at Disney's Hollywood Studios 

It was a great must see show!

Since we were staying for Extra Magic Hours, we raced to the one ride we had been checking on all day......Toy Story Midway Mania. This is a very popular ride! The wait time was never less than 100 minutes all day!

Our timing paid off.......20 minute wait! OH YEAH! It was the one thing I wanted to make sure we did before we left!

Girl and boy wearing 3D glasses shooting at targets with their Spring-Action Shooters from their throne-style vehicle in Toy Story Mania! 

I can see why a fastpass was gone by midday and the wait time was so long. 
It is worth it!

One last picture in the park before we headed to the bus.

We had so much fun at all 4 parks. 
It was 3 full days of fun with little sleep!

Griffin even asked me a few times, "I thought we were on vacation?"

My reply........

"The beach is for a relaxing vacation......Disney is for jam packed nonstop fun filled days!"
If we were staying a week/had yearly passes.....that may would have been a different quote. 
Not for 4 parks in 3 days!

I don't know why he was complaining......I was the one who had to drive that night to our friends house.....which we did not get in until 4:00 am!

The next day(after sleeping in), we had lunch with our friends the Meeks and headed home.

I promise I only have one more post on Disney. I will be sharing all the tips I learned and Disney ideas. If you have a Disney trip coming up, you will not want to miss this post!

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