Thursday, November 29, 2012

Thanksgiving 2012

We spent the week in SC doing a little cleaning out at the in-laws and visiting with family.

This is the stuff that doesn't last long........ Mac and Cheese. 

While we were in SC, Carmel, Griffin, Laney and I ran the Lake Murray Dam. It is a total of 4 miles. I was a little worried about Laney finishing but she did. I was so proud of her!

I was able to get a quick shot as we were leaving town.

It was a nice run at night but I bet it's an even better run during the day.

Saturday, we left and headed to North Georgia for the Annual Parker Christmas Reunion.

Here is our family minus Rebecca and Ashton( he had the flu).

These are all my mom's brother and sisters.

We took a break from photos to play on the playground for a bit.

This was Laney's first year to go Black Friday shopping. She had been talking about it for the past month. I decided to let her go because I needed her for a mission almost impossible........the $19.99 boots at Belk. She succeeded and scored these plus another pair. I think I  finally got her out of the flip flop stage.

After playing outside a bit, we went back in for presents. The kids open up their gifts(brought by the parents) while the adults play dirty Santa.

Ella got an AG outfit to match the one she was wearing.

That night we spent the night with some friends. I was to tired to take any photos.

The next day after church, we went to celebrate Christmas with my dad's side of the family.

My Granny
She has been sick but was able to get out a bit so we could visit.

Our furry little child was spoiled this year by several.

You know your a good big brother if you let your sister's doll cozy up to you and let your mother get a picture of it!

The kids opened up presents at Granny's while the adults played dirty Santa.

Ella got another AG outfit to match the one she had on and Laney......well...she got her favorite thing


I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving!

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