Monday, November 5, 2012

Homemade cupcake costume

For Halloween this year, Laney agreed to be a cupcake from the TV show Cupcake Wars. She was competing with her sister. Since Ella already had her hand-me-down costume, Laney agreed to let me make her one.

I took a laundry basket we already had and cut the bottom off.

I took an old white shirt and hot glued it to the top of the basket.

I used spray adhesive to attach fiberfill to the shirt.

I took poster board and cut a strip a little longer than the length of the basket. I folded the poster to make it look like a cupcake holder.

I attached the poster board to the basket with hot glue. 

I hot glued different color foam strips to the fiberfill to resemble sprinkles.

The only problem we had was the adhesive did not work very well. She did a lot of playing/running around at the fall festival so her fiberfill kept falling off. By the end of the night, it looked like someone had licked most of her frosting.

It probably would have held up for trick or treating.

Instead of repairing the costume for Halloween, She dressed up as the entertainment for Cupcake Wars.

I think I even heard the natural noise maker to go with it!

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