Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Does candy corn go bad?

 If you need an answer to that question, then ask my children!

I was going through some teacher materials my mom gave me about a year and a half ago. I found a bag of candy corn in the mix that went along with a hands on activity.

I decided to throw it away!

Later that evening, I look on the counter and see this opened bag sitting on the counter.

Of course once I ask, I get the response "Griffin did it!.......She got it out!.........She gave them to me!"

To which I reply, "That is what Nana used in her classroom!" I also added, "It is probably older than Ella!" I made sure I added, "It went with an activity that her booger picking, finger licking, snot wiping Kindergarteners used!"

This is the response I got...........

Maybe they will think twice about getting stuff from out of the trashcan!

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