Thursday, November 15, 2012

No Stuffing Turkey Party

This past Saturday, we got the kids together for our first No Stuffing Turkey Party. I know what your thinking...........What in the world is a No Stuffing Turkey Party( try saying that 5!). Well........while most people stuff turkeys this month, we stuffed bears for the sick children at a local hospital.
Once the kids arrived at the church, they could choose a station. 

We also had sewing and tying bows.

He are some pictures of my kids hard at work.

I wasn't really sure how Ella would do at sewing. She enjoyed it and.....well......the bear was closed by the time she finished. With a little practice, I think she could do really well!

Here is the group of kids that did such a great job!

Once we finished, we loaded up and headed to the hospital to deliver all 46 bears.......yes read right........we ended up with 46 bears!

It is always fun to get together.......especially when the purpose is to be a Good Samaritan!

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