Tuesday, September 27, 2011

No pool..........pool party!

For Ella's 6th birthday party, we planned a flip floppin pool party( I know I am having a hard time letting go of summer).

The invitations

The night before the party( fantastic timing), I got a phone call to let me know that the pool we rented was closed. I really needed to cool off in that water because I was hot!!! How can we have a pool party with no pool? Knowing it was too late to move the party I improvised. We had a flip floppin wet party instead. I basically ran into Walmart grabbed wet things before heading to Griffin's game. 

When everyone arrived, I had to explain( as all the children came in their bathing suits prepared for a pool party) there was no swimming. Picture this..... a lovely, sparkling, nice pool, temperatures outside are in the mid 80's and sweaty kids are told they can't get in the pool.

Don't they look confused??????

After getting over the initial shock, we began the fun wet activities.

Water Bottle Freeze Tag

Sprinkler Run

Water Balloon Fight

 Along with the look but don't touch pool was a clubhouse. I was able to decorate in the flip flop theme.

 A few weeks back I picked up this plain white cover up from Target. It was perfect for the party once I added the flip flops and monogrammed name.

I knew I should have taken a picture before she started playing. I promise the dark stains were not on there when I made it.

As a side item for lunch, I couldn't help but try out this idea.

 flip flop fruit

 For dessert, what would be more appropriate than a flip flop cake.

 I had planned as an extra activity for the kids to make flip flop cookies but getting wet sounded better.

The girls had fun making them  at home.

We finished up with presents and a pinata. 

Despite the last minute changes and mom being stressed( I was looking forward to a relaxing by the pool kind of  a party!), it turned out to be a great party!

As long as the birthday girl and all her guest have a good time..........mom is happy!

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